Marina Palusci EXV Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Marina Palusci EXV Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Essence of Italy | Abruzzo, Italy


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This olive oil is made from Dritta and Leccino olives from Abruzzo. This versatile olive oil can be used as a dressing on both hot and cold dishes. It can withstand brief cooking periods at high temperatures.

This extra virgin olive oil is a beautiful intense golden yellow colour with light green hues. Its aroma is definite and rounded, rich in hints of artichoke and wild chicory, accompanied by notes of official herbs, with distinct hints of mint and rosemary. The flavour is broad and very fine with tones of field lettuce and spicy nuances of cinnamon and almond on the finish. Bitterness and pungency are present and well expressed.

Pairing Suggestion

The perfect match is with prawn starters, amberjack carpaccio, ovoli mushroom salads, marinated sea bass, broad bean soups, risotto with asparagus, steamed shellfish, sea bream tartare, fresh soft cheeses, and baked biscuits.



500 mL



500 mL

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