Dinner Party Mixed Case

Dinner Party Mixed Case


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This mixed case features a welcome sparkling for guests as they arrive, 1 White, 1 Rosé and 1 Red for the delicious meal, and 1 Amaro to enjoy with dessert!

This mixed case includes 1 bottle of each:

Ca 'D' Gal Moscato d'Asti Lumine DOCG 2021

Moscato d'Asti Lumine come from vines ranging from 20-35 years old. There is a tedious yearly decision of what time to hand harvest the grapes to produce the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. The terroir these grapes grow on is an ideal combination of marine sediment and limestone. This allows for complex notes on the nose including, scents of sage, rosemary and musk. The palate is bright with hints of tropical fruits, green apple and stone fruits such as, peach and apricot. The bubbles on this wine are very fine and elegant, notice their small size as they rise in your glass.

Esprit Rosé

The garnet hue this Rosé gives off is the first signature of Provence. Lots of red fruit and red flower on the nose with a perfect blend of citrus on the palate. Camparnaud's perfect soil composition is revealed within this Rosé's mineral driven mouthfeel.

Saint-Véran Vieilles Vignes Chardonnay 2018

This iconic southern Burgundy producer has three appellations that are layered in clay and limestone which contributes to the picturesque land to grow Chardonnay. This Saint-Véran Vieilles Vignes delivers a buttery finish with lots of green notes, white flower and warm oak. This is a beyond elegant Chardonnay that also holds a bit of weight in body and is a fun pairing to explore with. Fermentation is done in stainless steel and maturation is done in 35% oak vats, providing a balance of minerality and a classic buttery finish.

Pacheco Selección 2019

Elena Pacheco achieves such elegance in her hot climate environment, this is why Viña Elena is known as one of the best wineries in Jumilla. This red is dedicated to Pacho Pacheco, the patriarch of the family. This full-bodied wine contains stewed fruit on the nose and palate with nuances of red roses and earth. One of the only wines to be aged in oak and has very smooth tannins with a velvety finish. Perfect on its own or in a negroni. The is an elevated home bar staple.

Venti Amaro

This Amaro is made in the mountainous region of Lake Como where the winery gets to use the fresh water and the mountain air. The ingredients used are all from specific areas of Italy and blended with top secret botanicals. A few of these ingredients include lemons from Campania, pine from Trentino, juniper from Tuscany, oranges from Sicily and basil from Basilicata.


Mixed Case


Mixed Case